Community Improvement Corporation (CIC)

The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) of Milford, Ohio is a not-for-profit community development organization that facilitates industrial and commercial investment to promote economic development and job creation. The CIC is a partner to businesses, educational institutions, local government, and the Milford community, working to ensure the progress and development of Clermont County. Designated as an agency of the City for industrial, economic, civic, commercial, distribution and research development within the City of Milford. The CIC of Milford assists with the following:
  • Advance, encourage and promote Industrial, Economic, Commercial and Civic Development
    • by promoting existing opportunities/buildings
    • conducting business attraction, retention and expansion activities
    • acting as a leader, facilitator and partner for economic development projects
    • forging public-private partnerships
    • developing an economic development fund for new ventures, land acquisitions, incentives and business retention/attraction programming
  • Reclaim, rehab and reutilize real property
  • Assist government to assemble real property