Downtown Design Guidelines

Downtown Design Guidelines
The City will be working with the Planning Commission over the next several months to update the Old Mill Overlay (OMO) District Guidelines and the B-2 Zoning District. The District guidelines were adopted in 1999 and the purpose of these regulations is to protect the small town character in downtown Milford. Certain types of exterior property improvements in the OMO require approval by Planning Commission before being permitted. Under consideration are the following:

  1. Combine the B-2 Zoning District and the Old Mill Overlay District to create one Zoning District Category.
  2. Relabel the new district. For example: ‘Milford River District’ or another label that would fit in with the character of downtown Milford. (Think of branding)
  3. Extend the district boundary across the river to include the Hamilton County side of Milford. This side is already zoned B-2 but does not include the OMO Design Guidelines.
The public will have an opportunity to provide input on April 12th at 6PM. The meeting will be held in the Harry Hodges Conference Room.
Project Timeline
Project Scope of Work
B-2 and OMO Zoning District (Current Text)
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