Food Trucks

If you are interested in operating a Food Truck in the City of Milford you will need to obtain a Zoning Certificate from the City and approval from the Clermont County Health Department. 

Action Steps
  1. Read the Food Truck/Mobile Food Unit Rules of Operation below and the Department of Commerce Guidelines.
  2. Download the Food Truck/Mobile Food Unit Application Food Truck/ MFU Application.
  3. Contact the Milford Fire Department at 513-831-7777 to schedule a Food Truck Inspection.
  4. Submit the Application to City Hall for approval AFTER the Fire Department has inspected your truck.  You will be notified once your application has been approved.
  5. Contact the  Clermont County Public Health Department to obtain a Mobile Food License.
Zoning Districts
Food Trucks are allowed in the following zoning districts: 
B-3     General Business district 
B-5     Special Business district 
O     Office district 
LI     Light Industry district 
I     Institutional district

Food Truck/Mobile Food Unit
Rules of Operation
1181.18    Food Trucks
A.    One food truck may be permitted as an accessory use in a specified zoning district on property in which a primary use has been established. (Primary use would be a building with an active use.)
B.    Food truck vendors must obtain a zoning certificate annually specifying location and hours of operation if conducting business more than 1 day per year.
C.    Food truck operators shall provide proof of property owner approval.
D.    An individual food truck or single owner of multiple food trucks shall not be permitted to operate on private property for more than a total of five (5) hours per day.
E.    Off-premise signs and/or audio amplification is not permitted
F.    Food trucks shall be located a minimum of 10 feet from the street right of way.
G.    No dumping of grease or grey water into storm sewers, dumpsters, etc.
H.    Food trucks are subject to the city-wide noise ordinance; sound-absorbing devices shall be used to contain or deflect the noise from external generators.
I.    Food trucks shall be located at least 100 feet from the front door of any restaurant and outdoor dining area during the restaurant's hours of operation. If a zoning certificate is issued and a restaurant subsequently opens within 100 feet of the approved food truck location, the food truck location may continue to operate until the permit expires.
J.    Exception: Food trucks may conduct sales while parked on a public street or private property when the City has approved a temporary street closing or special event permit for a city-wide event such as a street festival or fair.