Regulations & Permits

Water Management & Sediment Control (WMSC) regulations are in place to establish management and conservation practices which will eliminate or abate soil erosion and degradation of waters of the State from sediment caused by non-farm earth disturbing activities. These regulations further intend, but are not limited to accomplish the following practices:

  • eliminate or minimizes downstream flooding, erosion and sedimentation damages
  • eliminate or reduce damage to watercourses from an increase in volume of runoff or by the sediment and pollutants contained in stormwater runoff
  • establish a basis for the design of stormwater management systems to help assure long term adequacy
  • provide for innovative design for control and release of storm water from the site
The WMSC regulations are administered by the Public Works Director/Engineer and he will enforce these regulations and issue such notices and orders as may be necessary. The Board of Zoning Appeals will be managing the appeals process in accordance with section 1131.01 of the Milford Zoning Ordinance.

WMSC Regulations
WMSC Regulations Appendix A
WMSC Fee Schedule
WMSC Certificate Application