Gravel in the Right of Way

At the request of the resident, the Service Department will supply gravel for public parking along the roadway if approved by the City Engineer. Public parking areas are to be maintained by property owners, however, additional gravel can be requested as needed. Vehicles parked in these public spots should not be on the sidewalk or in the roadway.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Within the Right-of-Way (ROW) and not on a state route
  • Width of the area between the sidewalk and the roadway is 7ft minimum
  • Site distance for intersecting streets is not affected
  • For new parking areas, excavation and utility locates by OUPS is the responsibility of the property owner
  • Gravel elevation is not to raise existing grade or interfere with storm water flow
  • These areas are considered public parking, not private

If the resident would like to remove their existing parking spots, it is their responsibility.