Leaf Collection

The Service Department regularly picks up leaves from mid-October through December as a valuable service to our residents. The volume of curbside leaf collection varies in each area of the City. The leaf removal crews start in one neighborhood and work their way through the City until the entire City has been collected. The process usually takes seven business days. Once complete with a full round of the City, crews will again start making multiple trips until complete. As a reminder, residents should rake their leaves into the right-of-way area between the sidewalk and the curb and not into the street. Raking the leaves into the street blocks storm sewers and contributes to flooding during large amounts of rain. Residents are also reminded not to park their vehicles blocking the leaf piles.

  • Rake your leaves to the front of the lawn
  • DO NOT pile leaves in the street
  • DO NOT mix brush with leaves
  • Leaf piles should be free of rocks, bricks and foreign material as these items can lead to costly equipment repairs and long delays in leaf removal for the City
  • Between December and mid-October leaves should be bagged for pick-up with brush collection (brown paper yard waste bags are available at your local hardware store)
  • Trimmings and waste too small to be picked up with a pitchfork (including leaves out of season) should be placed in brown paper lawn waste bags and left at the curb