Utility Billing

The utility office bills February, April, June, August, October and December for water, wastewater, trash/recycling and stormwater services. The charges for water and wastewater are calculated from actual water usage. Trash and recycling are billed at a rate of $15 for residents and $30 for businesses per billing cycle. Stormwater proceeds are used to maintain the stormwater catch basins located throughout the City and are billed at a rate of $11 for residents and calculated based on ERU counts for businesses.

Utility bills are always due on the 28th day of the even months. Utility bills can be paid in cash, check or via credit/debit cards at the City Administrative Offices, Monday through Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. We also offer online web payments and ACH payments deducted directly from your checking account. If you have any questions regarding your utility bill or water usage, contact the office at (513) 248.5080 or dhershey@milfordohio.org.
Utility and Permitting Specialist
(513) 248.5080

Online Payment Option
Beginning, August 30th 2018, our online payment portal will have a new look and feel. We have partnered with Invoice Cloud to make your online payment experience easier and more user friendly.
Invoice Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

 Delinquent Notices/Shut offs
Utility customers that do not pay their bills by the 28th of the month will receive a delinquent notice around the first week of the next month. The bills are processed off-site, so if you have made payment after the 28th and still receive a delinquent notice please confirm with the utility office that payment has been made.

Rental Property 
Landlords are required to fill out and sign the Transfer of Utility Services form, to transfer utility bills into the renter’s name. When renters move out it is the landlord’s responsibility to contact the utility office with a forwarding address for the final bill, or the landlord will be ultimately held responsible. This form can be emailed to dhershey@milfordohio.org, faxed to (513)248-5096 or dropped off at the Administrative Office.

 Sewer Credits
In case of a water leak or break, please be aware of the location of you water meter the water shut off valve. If you notice a leaky faucet or running toilet have them repaired immediately as they are the biggest cause of excessive water use and high utility bills, these types of leaks are not eligible for sewer credits since the water goes back into the sanitary sewer system. If you experience a leak or break somewhere else that does not drain into the sewer system you may be eligible for a sewer credit. Proper repair documentation and meter readings must be submitted to the Utility Office. Sewer credits are also given for swimming pool fills over 2000 gallons, you must contact the utility office with the beginning meter reading and then again with the final reading once the pool is filled. Sewer credits will not be issued for watering lawns, gardens, flowers etc., and deduct meters are not allowed within the City limits. Residents are allowed to install landscape meters. For additional information on permits and fees contact the Utility Office.

 Extended Vacations and Winters Away
If you will be gone for an extended period of time, contact the Utility Office with a forwarding address to avoid delays in receiving your utility bills, the Postal Service does not forward utility bills.